Virserum Konsthall sees itself as a Ecomuseum. It implies that the konsthall should be a natural part of Virserum’s community life and the social, democratic and economic development of the community. Virserum is a former metropole in the furniture industry. Forest and wood have been important for the community.  The industry is today gone, but forest and wood are still vital parts of Småland’s industry. The forest surrounds us here in Småland. That is why Virserum Konsthall focuses on wood every third year.

Wood and forest is vital for the sustainable society. If humanity is to have a chance at a liveable future in the long term two things are important: frugality and renewable resources. In 40-50 years, energy will be a scarce commodity, as well as all finite resources. Maybe all resources.

Virserum Konsthall reflects upon these matters every third year. How can we live in a sustainable way? Not just ecologically, but also economically and socially. Because everything ties in.