Café Eken and our Shop

Café Eken:
In our Café Eken, well-prepared vegetarian food, cookies and hot and cold drinks are served. We usually offer one or more temporary lunch options, such as soups, salads, sandwiches, cakes and cheesecake. We work with locally produced ingredients based on availability and vary our menu according to season. The food prepared is mainly vegan and can always be obtained lactose/gluten-free.



In the shop at the Art Gallery’s reception there are books on art, cultural history and sustainability. There is often a small selection linked to the current exhibition’s theme and questions. In the shop you will also find selected gift items (crafts and design).


Food philosophy
We strive to enhance the visitor experience at Virserum’s Art Gallery and highlight local food artisans and producers. The menu is adapted according to season and availability, for current menu or pre-booking we recommend that you contact us by phone on +46 495 31506. 

We have developed new products for our shop in collaboration with artisans, entrepreneurs and designers. The result of this will be on the shelves during this.