WOOD 2019


Virserum Konsthall, located in Swedish woodland with memories from successful furniture manufacturing in the past, have since 2004 every third year specifically highlighted questions regarding sustainability and the forest with its cultural significance.
WOOD is more than just wood at Virserum Konsthall – it is about sustainability and a future for everyone. We all know that society faces a necessary transformation, there can no longer be any hesitation on this matter. Dramatic changes will affect the very foundation on which we organize our lives.

Decisions regarding this has to be made by the individual and our politicians. But to be able to conceive of a future society we need visions. They give us the ability to look beyond what is obvious today and envision a reality for the future.  What choices do we have to think about in order to create good living conditions for all?
WOOD 2019 is a web of science and art that may help you and me to contemplate on how we can build a future sustainable society.

Sustainable rural areas?

Sustainable living for the future is often presented in science or in thought from an urban point of view. It is important to take into account a discussion regarding a sustainable future which include what is outside the urban. Which is the rural areas appearance in the future and what opportunities are there for its developing? What happens with the small towns or the countryside? WOOD2019 wants to contribute to a widened discussion regarding sustainability in all parts of society. What should the exchange between rural and urban areas look like? How does this effect communication, jobs, public services?

Architecture of Necessity

Virserum Konsthall invites to participation in the international competition Architecture of Necessity. It is a part of the project WOOD2019 that Virserum Konsthall arrange with the support from the Municipality of Hultsfred and the Regional Federation of Kalmar County. The manifesto on the Architecture of Necessity was first launched in 2009. Earlier exhibitions in 2010, 2013 and 2016 have in all received 600 entries from more than 40 countries. Read more about this years competition here.

Invitation to student project at Virserum Konsthall

Virserum Konsthall invites students of architecture and design to create pavilions in the area around the art gallery. The pavilions should be designed as open meeting places, protected from sun, wind and rain, and at the same time open and accessible for all. Read more about the invitation here.