Student competition

As a part of WOOD 2019, Virserum Konsthall invited architect- and designstudents to design pavilions on the area surrounding the konsthall. The pavilions should be designed as open meeting places, shelters from wind, sunshine and rain, but open and accessible for everyone. One requirement was that wood from swedish forests or any other renewable resource be used as well as a life span of 10 years with minimum maintenance. 

Virserum Konsthall received 13 submissions from six different universities in six countries. The following three projects were chosen as  winners of the competition:  

A progress of collapse, Kristofer Soop, Estonian Academy of Arts
A project which has taken hold of the temporality of the building and allowed the form to be frozen in time as the pavilion collapses.

Framed, Rok Zaksek, University of Ljubljana 
A small pavilion which creates a sense of private space while framing the view to a focus for the visitor.

Do (not) open, Hajdi Sinkovec, University of Ljubljana
A pavilion which demonstrates the different expressions of the forest from a walk among tree trunks to a closed room for reflection.