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Welcome to Virserum Konsthall!
We are open Tuesday-Sunday 12 noon-17pm.

Admission is SEK 100.  Children up to 18 years free when accompanied by an adult.

When paying for admission, visitors are offered the opportunity to buy membership instead, which entails free admission for the rest of the season.  (The membership card is valid for the remainder of the year in which it is purchased)

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Virserum was a major site of Swedish furniture production right up until the 1970s. When Sweden joined the EU, the municipality was able to restore its old industrial monument on the area surrounding the Konsthall.

Henrik Teleman, an artist living in Västra Hult, just 5 km from the konsthall, had ideas of opening an art gallery whose target audience was people who are not accustomed to visiting art exhibitions. He was offered the opportunity to house the museum in the renovated premises and the museum was inaugurated on 27 June 1998.

The powerful loop of yarn

2/2-29/11 2020

We are many who sit down, take our ball of yarn and start with a loop on a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook. We do it when life is dark, we do it when we want to spread joy. The loop of yarn can help us mediate a message, a soft way of saying – enough is enough.

The world of the loop of yarn is for all of us and everything is possible. In this exhibition, participants from all of Sweden generously let us show their works. Welcome into the world of the loop of yarn.

Bang Bang – I seek context

2/2 – 30/8 2020

What happens now is contingent on what has already happened. Past, present and future are all connected. To live in a context. Backwards, forward, outwards. Just as a weave.

Living in Virserum during six months, Frida Peterson has let her work grow and emerge from Virserum and its people. 

Swedish – one stitch at a time

2/2 – 19/7 2020

We are seven women who recently came to Sweden. We are studying Swedish full time and also participate in the course “Language in practice” in Hultsfred.

In this exhibition we would like to share with you our story, what we do, how we think and what we dream about.

Sustainability in a rural context

An exhibition with focus on Region Kalmar

2/2 – 3/5 2020

Science tells us to adopt to a more sustainable way of life at once. It is crucial on all levels, from the individual to the global community.

The transformation of our way of living demands us to deal with complex questions on housing, food, transports, consumption and above all on our line of though.

An exhibition in cooperation with Region Kalmar län, Hultsfred kommun and Virserum Sparbank.