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Architecture of Necessity

Winners and honourable mentions in Virserum Konsthalls international competition Architecture of Necessity has been announced. Please read more under WOOD and Archnec 2019 – Winners and Honourable mentions

The winning projects were presented at the conference Wood Summit Småland 2019 on June 27. 

On June 30 the exhibition Architecture of Necessity, with chosen projects from the competition, was inaugurated. 

Ane Hjort Guttu

In association with the artproject Nya Småland, Virserum Konsthall exhibits two artworks by the norwegian artist Ane Hjort Guttu.

Exhibitions 2019

Architecture of Necessity
30/6 – 1/12

As a part of Wood 2019, Virserum Konsthall arranged the international competition Architecture of Necessity. In the invitation to the 2019 competition for An Architecture of Necessity the jury formulated its expectations in the following way: “Considering the most pressing issues of today the jury would especially love to see entries that deal with the rural context – reactivation of forgotten places both with transformation of existing buildings and with new typologies, for example combining living, work and ’freespace’”.

Over 60 entries from all over the world have been sent in to this year’s competition. The jury have selected projects that is now shown in the exhibition Architecture of Necessity.

The picture shown is from one of the three winning projects: Healing Garden by ZRS Architekten, Germany.

WOOD 2019
14/4 – 1/12

WOOD is more than just wood at Virserum Konsthall – it is about sustainability and a future for everyone. We all know that society faces a necessary transformation, there can no longer be any hesitation on this matter. Dramatic changes will affect the very foundation on which we organize our lives.

Decisions regarding this has to be made by the individual and our politicians. But to be able to conceive of a future society we need visions. They give us the ability to look beyond what is obvious today and envision a reality for the future.

What choices do we have to think about in order to create good living conditions for all?

WOOD 2019 is a web of science and art that may help you and me to contemplate on how we can build a future sustainable society.

Bild på två röda trähus. Text finns på taken.
Bild på en stor skulptur av Ian Newbery

In the darkness of the forest
3/2 – 1/12

Works by Marie Eklund, Birgitta Godlund, Erik Olof Gärdegård, Inga Hjohlman, Ulf Jansson, Cecilia Levy, Ian Newbery, Carsten Nilsson, Mikael Nilsson, Anastasia Polubotko, Sam Stigsson and Jögge Sundqvist. Illustrations by Emma Jansson and lamps in glass by Anna-Linda Gabriel.