Goodbye 2019!

Virserum Konsthall is closed for the season.
Open again 2 February 2020.


Virserum Konsthall is the konsthall of the rural community, of the periphery. We see our work as a democratic mission. The konsthall works closely with its local audience and endeavours to be a natural part of the community’s life and social, democratic and economic development. 

We want to present an image of life and Sweden of today which contrasts the ever more commercial and urban-centred image often presented by the media. This perspective is the key to breaking the prevailing consensus in the world of contemporary art. Important concepts for us to work with are gender, class and geography.


Virserum was a major site of Swedish furniture production right up until the 1970s. When Sweden joined the EU, the municipality was able to restore its old industrial monument on the area surrounding the Konsthall.

Henrik Teleman, an artist living in Västra Hult, just 5 km from the konsthall, had ideas of opening an art gallery whose target audience was people who are not accustomed to visiting art exhibitions. He was offered the opportunity to house the museum in the renovated premises and the museum was inaugurated on 27 June 1998.