Architecture of Necessity Day

Architecture of Necessity seeks to award those architectural works that fulfil the criteria for the manifesto an Architecture of Necessity and that are in the forefront of rethinking a future with an architecture that is responsible, conscientious, sustainable, just and open. 

Virserums Konsthall is proud to present the participation of our international guest Kruti Shah from Chaal Chaal Agency, Jenni Reuter from Hollmén, Reuter, Sandman and Thierno Dabo, Micha Kretschmann and Christian Gäth from Studio Suddo Nueve on the afternoon 8th of September.

Gyaan Ashray, Ahmedabad, India by Chaal Chaal Agency

Jury motivation: This extremely charming project shows what an activism-based student project can achieve in collaboration with marginalised groups, in this case women who have taken the initiative to gather in the evening on roof terraces to learn reading, writing and arithmetics. 

The ephemeral nature of the construction is in a way a promise of its long-term sustainability. With the cheapest possible reusable materials it creates both climate protection and a desired privacy for the women, which could guarantee its reproducibility.

Hostels for School girls, Tanzania by Hollmén, Reuter, Sandman 

Jury motivation: This project fulfils all requirements for an Architecture of Necessity. In a simple, yet beautiful architecture it reinvents the classical typology of the cloister, creating a protected space for young schoolgirls, empowering them and ensuring they get their education safely. 

The architects have long experience in handling local conditions, both culturally in the form of user participation and technically in the use of local materials. The project is one in a series, thus having the systemic approach that is essential for a truly sustainable architecture. 

Earth Building Collective, Mako, Senegal by Studio Suddo Nueve 

Jury motivation:

Locally produced earth blocks have great advantages over energy consuming, centrally produced concrete. It is a traditional technique in regions with scarce access to wood and gives good climate control. It can also be developed for use in a more urban context. 

The great leap forward of this project is that it, based on meticulous research, establishes an open building system that is socially sustainable and can develop autonomously in the hands of local craftsmen that are educated and trusted to build according to their own preferences. 

Architecture of Necessity Day also present a focus on sustainable community development and the ruban. We are pleased to welcome talks by Magnus Fredricson (Strategist for sustainable community development, Skaraborg municipal association) and Nils Björling (Senior Lecturer, Architect, Architecture and Civil Engineering, City Planning, research group Urban and Regional Transformations). Please note that the morning will be in Swedish.

Architecture of Necessity Day 8th of September will start at 10 am and end at 4 pm (CEST). Participation is possible on site in Virserum or online. Registration is made to info @ A participation fee of 400 SEK, including lunch and “fika”, (online participation is reduced to 200 SEK) will be charged for the day.