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WOOD 2013 is open!

If you approach Virserum from the south by car you'll find the small community completed entrenched in dark, endless pine forests. All of Småland is covered by wood. Virserum itself was once a hub for countless furniture manufacturing industries. Despite the disappearance of the furniture manufacturers, the forests remain an integral part of the Småland economy. Wood and forests are also important to the sustainable community. If humanity is to have a chance at a decent long-term future, it all comes down to two things: frugality and renewable resources. The sustainable community is bio-based.

Already in 2004, Virserum Art Museum produced its first major exhibition on the potential and possibilities of wood. In 2013, Virserum Art Museum will produce its fourth exhibition on the topic. Spread over 1300m2 of indoor space as well as several thousand m2 of outside areas, WOOD 2013 will feature exhibitions on and about sustainability, design, arts and crafts, housing policy, architecture and building. It will be the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe.

Sustainability is important
The issues of sustainability have been a central part of our exhibitions since 2010. At that time, the international manifesto on an Architecture of Necessity was formulated and disseminated across the world. 143 architecture bureaus from 28 countries submitted their proposals for sustainable architecture. As part of the thematic exhibition “If We Want To”, the Art Museum displayed 42 of these projects. For 2013, the Architecture of Necessity will become a full-scale international triennial for sustainable community building. Read more at the Architecture of Necessity.

Swedish and international wood construction on the first floor
The issues of sustainability form an overarching theme that will run throughout all of 2013. Once again the major theme exhibition will be housed in the art museum's 740 m2 atrium on the first floor. A room that is arguable Sweden's largest single continuous art space. The atrium will feature current examples of Swedish wood construction as well as the world's premier wood architecture.

Wood architecture of the future – science fiction?
A brand new part of WOOD 2013 will focus on the wood architecture of the future. We sometimes refer to it as science fiction wood construction which sounds rather advanced. Wood can be used for paper, homes, plastics, textiles and energy. Wood grows by itself by consuming carbon dioxide (which we don't want), sun and water. It can't be more modern that that.

If we consider our use of wood as a construction material it becomes evident that little has changed since the 1880s. Boards, joists and beams are produced which in turn are assembled with nails, screws and fittings. But how will we build in the future, when all the materials are expensive and iron even more so?

Surely we can make use of more types of wood than merely pine and spruce! When the pulp mills switch from producing paper pulp to producing textile pulp, for example, aspen has become an important resource. Perhaps we will grow construction elements in the future? Maybe we will assemble homes pre-cut by advanced machinery in a factory. It arrives to the construction site as a kit where the parts fit together as one of those wooden cubes? Or perhaps we will cast our house in biocomposites – so called wood plastic? Or – we will begin to learn from nature how to build super strong and lightweight structures …

Pretty exciting stuff, no?

On the first floor, visitors will also find art, whilst the arts and crafts exhibition “Best in Sweden” can be found on the ground floor. In the outside grounds, students from architecture and engineering courses will build all manner of exciting constructions.

More than just exhibitions
WOOD 2013 will be more than just exhibitions. Professionals will gather in Virserum on 26 and 27 June for WOOD SUMMIT SMÅLAND to discuss and learn about wood construction and architecture. The winners of the call for an Architecture of Necessity will also be announced during this event. The entire summer will be packed with programmes and courses. There will be arts and crafts workshops as well as forestry days.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a supplement to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's biggest daily broadsheet, and a catalogue will be produced.

Wood across Småland!
2013 is all about wood throughout Småland. The three counties of Småland have decided to inject major investments in the timber industry. Among other things, a project entitled “The year of wood in the county” will be implemented. Virserum Art Museum will similarly organise “The year of wood in schools”.

Wood the heart of Småland
Wood the heart of Småland is the collective term for raw materials, education, research, development, enterprise and humans as a basis for sustainable development. The work will be driven by the respective counties and local governments in Småland, the Linnaeus University, Jönköping University, Träcentrum in Nässjö, Möbelriket in Lammhult and Virserum Art Museum.

For further information, please go to the Architecture of Necessity.

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View of second floor

A new bridge

Mattias Härenstam No sound

View of the Architecture of Necessity

Willow structure

World´s premier wood architecture

Sphere on the biobased society

Compact living for students